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Financial Investment Advice+


The implementation of any investment strategy is based on a prior holistic analysis of the family, professional, property, inheritance and budgetary situations of our entrepreneurial clients. This Audit allows us to have precise knowledge of their situation, to make the necessary findings to implement tailor-made strategies that meet their needs and objectives.

We support our clients in the (re)structuring of their assets by determining the holding methods most suited to their overall situation.

Grâce à notre approche pluridisciplinaire, nous offrons à nos clients chefs d’entreprises une vision globale qui ne se limite  pas à la Gestion privée traditionnelle,  mais prévoit également un accompagnement sur les questions liées à leur entreprise (Opération de haut de bilan, Conseil en fusion-acquisition, Conseil en Financement, Valorisation d’entreprise, gestion/placement de la trésorerie stable ).

Because our entrepreneurial clients are often citizens of the world, our wealth engineering service and our network of partners have expertise in taxation and private international law to better support them in their mobility.

Our environment and our business expertise allow us to integrate unlisted assets into our investment strategies which are a source of performance and decorrelation for our clients’ portfolios.

We support our clients in the management of their financial assets through dedicated advice or the establishment and monitoring of management mandates with financial partners selected for the quality of their management.

With diversification and innovation at the heart of our investment strategies, we have developed expertise and partnerships that allow us to offer our clients investment solutions in alternative assets.

As an entrepreneur, investing for tomorrow has always been part of our DNA. It is therefore very natural that we turned to sustainable finance and impact investment to give meaning and performance to the projects of our clients who are increasingly sensitive to extra-financial criteria.

With privileged partnerships with our Management Company partners, Banks, and insurers, we design dedicated solutions for our clients (Foncière Privée, Fonds Ucits)

In addition to Corelliance’s global business skills, we wanted to create a family office department which offers a range of additional services dedicated to certain families.

Like Jiminy Cricket, we are committed to supporting entrepreneurs and their families by helping them to ask good questions and, above all, to answer them.

Thoughtful governance is crucial in the organization and sustainability of a family business or an asset holding company. Corelliance, as part of a specific consulting mission, supports Entrepreneurs and their families to enable them to have objectives and a clear vision, and in the implementation of the mission and the transmission of the values ​​of their over several generations.

To advise us well requires having a global vision of our clients’ assets. This is why we have implemented portfolio aggregation tools which allow us to have an overview of their assets to provide global advice.

Convinced that our entrepreneurial clients have the desire and need to be able to delegate their often time-consuming administrative tasks, we have set up a private secretarial service so that they can concentrate on their business(es) and their family.

Management Consulting of Heritage (CGP)+

Financial Investment Advice (CIF)+

Real estate investment advice+

Dans le cadre des stratégies patrimoniales préconisées et mise en œuvre par nos expert métiers, nous accompagnons nos clients dans la recherche et la sélection d’investissements immobiliers.

Nous nous appuyons sur notre connaissance des marchés immobiliers et sur l’expertise d’une sélection de partenaires de 1ier ordre pour proposer des solutions de nature à répondre aux objectifs identifiés dans nos audits :

  • Constitution de revenus complémentaires immédiats ou différés,
  • Optimisation des revenus locatifs et de la fiscalité personnelle de nos clients,
  • Recherche des modalités d’acquisition, de détention, et de financement adaptées à chaque projet.

Nos partenariats nous permettent également de proposer des solutions innovante de type Foncières privées, et des solutions d’investissement en immobilier coté.

Social protection audits+



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